Precision Motorcycles

The Motorcycle featured in the gallery below is a 1911 Precision 600cc single speed pedal assist. No clutch, manual air/fuel mixture operated.

The bike is owned by the Vintage Motorcycle Club of South Africa, based in Johannesburg, and the rule is that the bike may not be sold.

This bike has taken part in a number of DJ Runs and in its last run, 1996, the bike was involved in an accident with a Taxi in Newcastle at the end of day 1. Needless to say the bike was practically a write-off and over the past number of years the bike has been on the path to restoration and has passed through a number of hands to get to the current state.

Of interest are the various levers on the handlebars and tank. A brief description of each lever function is as follows:

On the right hand handlebar, on the top is the fuel and air mixture levers.
Underneath is the decompression lever.

On the left handlebar is the front brake reverse lever.

On the tank on the left is the magneto advance/retard lever.
On the right of the tank is the oil pump to lubricate the engine while riding.

The photographs were taken by Brandon Madgwick in June 2012.