The 2011 event Started at 06h00 on Friday, 11 March 2011 from the Hillcrest Corner Centre, Old Main Road, Hillcrest, Durban with an overnight stop at Newcastle.

Re-starting from Newcastle at 07h00 on Saturday 12 March 2011 it finished at about 15h00 on Saturday 12 March 2011 at the James Hall Museum of Transport, Pioneer Park, Rosettenville Road, Johannesburg.

Andy Stead, competitor number 41, sent in the following humorous account of the 2011 DJ Commemorative Run

The DJ 2011 it came and it went

OK the DJ 2011 – was it the same old thing? – were there fireworks? did it leave you waiting for the next one? was it all you dreamt it would be?? Probably a bit of everything really – and then again probably not. Depends on how the dice fell for YOU I guess. One thing it was though was HOT, and mindful of those that will say – “hey you can never be happy – you moan if its hot and you moan if its raining“ – well how about a cloudy day, little wind, no roadwork’s and a nice 23 degrees all the way – is that too much to ask?

The gathering at the pre-start at Hillcrest centre was the usual bonhomie with last minute fettling (cripes I wish I had checked the timing and the primary chain) and pouring over the route schedule – and I do mean pouring, not only sweat but how many pages for the 1st and second day? – I beg your pardon – HOW MANY PAGES.!!??. I mean I know we are a short sighted lot but a number 72 font! – even the blind could see it. No problem – just cut it in half at the lunch stop, but mind you don’t zero those stop watches when you lift the rally box cover ’cos that’s a seriously bad thing to do!!

Chocks away the next morning and even a feint scrambling for rain suites after a few drops were spotted (or should that be a few spots were dropped??) Good old Hans doing his incredible side saddle manoeuvre on the Humber (how does he do that?) and off most of us went at our regulation one minute intervals. All seemed to go well until that wretched place that catches a lot out every year. Right at the T junction, immediately left to Ashburton, and then – bloody heck – the road forks, which way for gods sake?? Some went left, some right some just stopped and wondered. Those that went left got to the same places, those that went right did too BUT cleverly they went through a Marshall so that got ten brownie points and moved you way up the rankings. Those that stopped are perhaps still there – has anyone checked?

On thru’ Maritzborough and the dreaded Town Hill which for some reason this year seemed to have flattened out a bit – or was it because the clutch wasn’t slipping this year? Not sure but flatter it did seem. On through what must count as the best stretch, between the top of Town hill and Mooi River where one can relax a bit, enjoy the English type countryside and think of Spud when passing Michealhouse. Just the ticket for bikes of this age.

After Mooi river it got hot. And hotter and all of a sudden the South African roads started making their holy selves felt. Bits started to be seen on the road. A mirror here and a footrest there. Even I believe a wallet packed with dough – anyone lost a wallet I wonder?? The lunch stop at the old kerk in Escort always a welcome respite. But hey – are my eyes deceiving me – is it really time to go – naaah – oldie chief marshal would never be that mean and nasty – only 30 minutes for lunch – can’t be I mean I am only on the second beer. But unfortunately 30 minutes it was and trying to do 100kph on my clapped out heap to be on regularity on time ain’t easy I can tell you.

Ever onwards to Newcastle. Seems to get further away every year. D’ya thinks its because of the Japanese ‘quake and the earth has shifted?? I mean nine hours in the saddle is a lot. Don’t think even the old rough and tough cowboys could sit through that, Still we all seemed to get there. Some at Majuba and the more upper crust at the Inn (really what a dump, and the rates they charge!! Bloody highway robbery)

Bit of confusion at the start of day two. Have to ride about 30k’s outside Newcastle on the Majuba road to the start of regularity but OK – nice morning for a quiet cruise to the start. Hells bells what went wrong!!. Queues of lorries at the stops and goes, terrible roads, long stretches without tar, water everywhere. I mean I know that’s how they did it in the old days, but I had just given my bike a lovely polish before we left so I could look spiffing at the finish and within 5K’s it looked as if I had done the Pari Dakar. AND more bits were falling. A rear mudguard here, a rain suite there. It must have been like Christmas for the Majuba road gang.

Anyway enough beefing. Off from regularity and along some good bends going down the pass – time to see if you can scrape that abrasive knee pad a’ la Rossi and at the same time give the oil that extra pump to thank the bike for making it up the hill. Lunch stop at Heidelberg after another cunning ploy by Chief Marshall to try and put you off going into Greylingstad (d’ya think we are stupid sir – I bet NO ONE took that first turn!)

Lunch – did I say Lunch – again 30 minutes. Enough for an Apricot sarmy and a measured issue of ice cream (hold the chocolate sauce, would have taken another 5 mins to pour).

Onward to Joburg. The route cunningly taking us down South Africa’s busiest highway where dodging trucks and taxis tends to remove any boredom that may have crept in. AND at last. The finish post is in site, but have to wait for half an hour just before James Hall so as not to be too early after clocking up the magic ton on said highway. Through the finishing post and – oh the screams and ululations from the fairer sex – make it all worth while. What a feeling, what a welcome. Well done all.

So its all over for another year. Not going to mention the winners (and that’s NOT because I am not amongst them) but hey – we are all winners. All us merry band of gentlemen (sorry and Ladies). Us stout hearted chaps who have braved all the elements obstacles, temperamental machines and ageing bodies. Well done I say and to old Chiefie Marshall – good one. Very good one. BTW the results are on the website. Check them out below.


SCHLESINGER VASE (Courtesy of the RMC)


Best performance by a motorcycle manufactured up to and including 31 December 1925:

Best performance by a motorcycle manufactured on or after 1 January 1926 and up to and including 31 December 1930:

Best performance by a motorcycle manufactured on or after 1 January 1931 and up to and including 31 December 1936:



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